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Our Services
Railcar Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Railcar & Material Storage
Fabrication Finishing Services
Information Technology  


Complete Maintenance & Repair Services
  • We're a full service railcar repair company experienced and qualified to perform light to heavy repairs of both aluminum and steel railcars including wrecks, programs, warranty work, preventive maintenance, modifications, upgrades, painting, lease terminations and complete re-sheeting and re-bodying of railcars (other than tank cars)
  • Our shops are located on major rail corridors with plenty of storage track, ideal for preventive maintenance, lease terminations, inspections and repairs
  • Our experienced staff works with you on joint inspections, estimates and recommendations to make sure your cars get the repairs they require on time and within your budget
  • Our experts provide technical advice for complete preventive maintenance programs, including unit train inspections and repairs
  • We offer an advanced wheel change-out program featuring drop-table technology, resulting in fast, efficient and low cost preventive maintenance wheel change outs
  • ARS Nebraska will incorporate your WILD maintenance advisories into a preventative maintenance program
  • M-214 AAR Certified Truck Reconditioning
  • M-1003 AAR Certified Quality Control

Railcar & Material Storage
  • Railcar storage for all types of equipment in any quantity, in conjunction with repairs or as a stand-alone service
  • Switching services include stripe alignment, train purifying, interchange switching and train rotation
  • Extensive warehouse and storage for parts and inventory management

  • Complete fabrication services performed by experienced personnel
  • Our equipment includes a 400 ton-brake, 12-foot shear, ironworker, plasma cutter and pattern torch
  • Supply of fabricated parts to Class I and shortline railroads and contract shops
  • Fabrication for railcar warranty repairs and modifications
  • Special small-to-medium fabrication projects for manufacturing companies

Finishing Services
  • State-of-the-art metal grit blasting for complete and thorough paint removal
  • Professional exterior painting in climate-controlled commercial paint booths
  • Non-hazardous covered hopper (and other railcar) interior cleaning to prepare for commodity changes
  • Exterior washing on aluminum coal cars and other non-hazardous equipment
  • In-house computerized AEI programmer, portable handheld AEI reader and vinyl stenciling to your specs

Information Technology
  • State-of-the-art Car Repair Billing System
    • Estimates are available via e-mail or fax
    • Car repair detail lines can be exported in the new AAR 500-byte format or the old 160-byte format
    • Easy to read format
  • Car status reports are available via e-mail or fax
  • Digital pictures available to provide accurate documentation of required repairs

For more information on any of these services, please contact Kevin Koepke.

Wheel Inspection