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Our Services
On-Site Mini Shops and Mobile Repairs

Improve utilization and reduce costs with our On-Site Mini Shop and Mobile Repair services. With the implementation of the AAR's Advanced Technology Safety Initiative (ATSI), the ability to change wheels on-site, at contract prices, becomes even more important.

Mini-Shops save you money

  • Focus and specialization cut turnaround time and reduce scheduling headaches, empty mileage charges and idle car time
  • Continuous inspection of your equipment from on-site inspectors trained to spot problems that could lead to major shipping delays and costs
  • Catch and perform repairs at your contract prices rather than higher AAR rates
  • Reduced AAR repair costs, especially for wheels with open ATSI "Windows"
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to shop cars at fixed contract shops
  • We can turn repair days into repair hours, allowing maximum utilization of your equipment

  • After initial contact, our employees and new equipment were on-site in less than a month. In the first year, we reduced our client's railroad bills, took care of maintenance that had been neglected and established a preventive maintenance program.

Quick Mobile Repairs

  • Eliminate time getting cars and locomotives to and from shops
  • Minor damages to hatch covers or outlet gates can prevent cars from being loaded -- cars repaired on site are kept in revenue service
  • Eliminate potential for further damage
  • Reduce AAR repairs - catch and repair AAR defects, including wheels with ATSI "Windows," before the railroad repairs them at higher AAR labor rates
  • Prompt service - we travel to your location within 24 hours


  • Car owners call us to go to grain elevators to replace railcar hatch covers, outlets or perform repairs to safety appliances. Without these on-site repairs, the owner would have to shop the cars, taking them out of service.
  • Shortline railroads call us when they have derailments. We perform repairs, from roller bearing inspections to fixing all car damage caused by the derailment.
  • Depending on the customer and their facilities, we can set up a long-term mobile crew to perform major wreck repairs or repairs to a large group of cars.

Contact Kevin Koepke for an evaluation of whether an on-site mini shop or mobile operation can be economical for you.

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