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RipTrackSM - A Web-based tool to help you control railcar maintenance costs.

Control costs now

  • Import maintenance data and audit both AAR and Contract Shop bills. Identify errors and potential maintenance problems. Provides all the information you need to recapture those dollars
  • All maintenance activity is easily accessible in one place for quick decisions
  • With our Detector Track Module to capture all of the kips data on your wheels, RipTrack can assist you in minimizing wheel repair costs, maximize the life of your wheels and comply with the requirements of the Advanced Technology Safety Initiative
  • Track and manage railcar repair programs and leases to control and minimize those costs

Control costs long term

  • RipTrack's easy-to-use analytical tools help you track and understand where you're spending most of your maintenance dollars
  • You can focus on executing preventive measures where they will have the most impact on your bottom line

For more information, contact Kevin Koepke.

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