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WheelTrackSM - A Web-based WILD data management system

  • Imports kips data from TTCI and Maintenance Advisories from the Railinc Early Warning System and retains it in history for analysis
  • Identifies cars with open "Windows" so you can make sure those wheels get changed at the lowest possible cost
  • Alert tools allow you to customize alerts when readings over a certain kip are received. Automatically e-mail those alerts to proactively manage the process, reducing cost and maximizing wheel life.
  • Drill down to access the history of kips reading on your cars in chart and table format. Create ad-hoc reports to easily develop predictive measures of wheel wear and maximize the return from your preventive maintenance programs.
  • Facilitates compliance with the ATSI requirements, resulting in lower wheel repair costs

Learn more about WheelTrackSM (PDF Brochure*)

For more information, contact Kevin Koepke.

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